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"My favorite thing about this class was the fun memories everyday with Mr.Clark and the rest of the group. The amount of love and friendship is second to none in any class I've ever been in .. the fun videos, movies, and food Mr.Clark provided for us was all a blessing."

David Russell, 2021

"There were countless amazing things about the Financial Services program, but my favorite part has to be the fact that we got to do BPA competitions. Through my competition (Global Marketing Team) I learned so much about marketing and I liked it so much that I even decided to make it my major in college!"

Simon Coffey, 2020

"Financial Services and Mr. Clark really changed my life in a positive way and I'm forever thankful for him being a part of my life. Thank you for everything!"

Miranda Barton, 2019

“Throughout my journey in FS, it is safe to say it has been a memorable one. Financial Services is a class unlike others. And Mr. Clark is without a doubt the coolest teacher you could possibly ask for … he has done so much and changed me into who I am today.”

Josh Calle, 2018
“My time in Financial Services was memorable and I learned a lot. What was most memorable for me was being in class with my friends, making new friends, making different businesses, and learning new things that you don’t usually learn in regular classes.”
Leigha Smith, 2017
“In my first year of Financial Services, I was expecting to grow as a business professional, learn more about all aspects of the business world, and enjoy many new experiences. I did exactly that!”
 Russell Baldrick, 2016
“This class is now, and will forever be, my favorite. Having Financial Services for two bells these past two years has really changed my life."
 Stephanie Russell, 2015
“I love the class atmosphere in Financial Services; it’s relaxing, yet very welcoming and educational.”
Tanner Biehl, 2014
“When I get to my Financial Services class, I feel at home.”
  Jeremy Hurlander, 2013
“Financial Services is a great college-prep class; it prepares you for college and the life ahead of you. I am so excited to be in this class!”
  Barbie Metzner, 2014
“Being a part of the Knights Credit Union has provided me with a great amount of knowledge about what it’s like to work at a financial institution. The credit union has helped me to form new bonds and friendships and has provided me with a way to manage my money in a more organized way.”
Jared Givens, 2015
“The countless opportunities that this class offers have directly impacted my life in so many ways.”
 Philip Son, 2016
“What I learned in Financial Services is that one class can quickly become a family and it’s pretty neat how just two bells a day can change the whole aspect of school. It’s probably the only class I wake up every day and am happy to come to because it’s such a great atmosphere to learn in.”
Matt Kuhl, 2017

“This class might be the most useful class I have ever taken because it has helped me open up from my shell. Mr. Clark finds ways to get everyone involved, even when they are nervous, because the class is such a close group of people and they know everyone is cool with each other.”

Micah Wilkins, 2018

"This class helped me learn how to become a confident speaker, to more effectively work with a team, to improve my time management skills, and to have the confidence to accomplish anything I set my mind to."

Melanie Wilzbach, 2019

"This program has not only shaped me into the person that I am today, but also has helped me to align my future goals."

Daija Brown, 2020

"I know I will move onto greater things in life and I know what I learned in FS will help me a lot through whatever obstacle I may encounter."

Elijah Douglas, 2021

"Since middle school there was one class in particular that I couldn’t wait to take during high school – Financial Services. Since my older brother's involvement in FS and BPA, I knew I was going to be joining when the time came sophomore year."

Dominic Baldrick, 2020

"I cannot wait to take everything I have learned in FS with me in my future life and career."

Katelyn Gerde, 2019

“Financial Services is so much more than a class for people interested in a career in finance … it is a class that helps students in high school, college, and life.”

Hannah Osae, 2018

“I will forever remember this class because of all of the amazing moments that we have enjoyed together not as mere strangers or people you see one day and forget all about them the next, but more like a family.”

James Russell, 2017
“My personal journey in Financial Services has been one to remember. I liked how Mr. Clark gave us freedom and treated us like adults. I also liked the diversity of the class … with so many things to learn and do, we were all able to get more involved.”
Kyler Famble, 2016
“Wow, Financial Services has taught me so much! This class has prepared me for the real world better than any other class could have. I feel confident and prepared for the future.”
 Rodney Allen, 2015
“My journey through Financial Services has been amazing and something I will remember forever.”
Cory Roberson, 2014
“I will remember Financial Services because of all the amazing memories I have made in this class. Every day I spent in FS something different happened, and these memories are in my heart forever and will never be forgotten.”
 Brandon Thompson, 2013
“As soon as I stepped into the Financial Services classroom, I just knew that not only would I be able to leave my mark on the program, but I would also leave with something too.”
India Williams, 2014
“Junior year in FS was the best year so far in my high school career. I learned a lot about business and broadened my perspective of what’s going on in the world. I see things in a whole new way compared to when I was a sophomore.”
DeAirrez Daniels, 2015
“I will remember this class because of the people in it, and memories that we continue to make.”
 Marilyn Oduogu, 2016
"I have learned multiple life lessons through Financial Services that I wouldn’t have learned in any other program, and I can’t thank Mr. Clark enough for it. Financial Services was the best decision I’ve made in high school by far."
Jake Fishburn, 2017

“Mr. Clark is by far one of the coolest teachers I have had in my lifetime. He knows how to engage his students and makes learning fun. He stays late after school and on the weekend because he wants his students to succeed. Most important, he knows how to make us all smile.”

David Cao, 2018

"I knew from the first day of classes with Clark that Financial Services was going to be the best two years of my life."

Non Sy, 2019

"Being in Financial Services is truly one of the best choices I’ve ever made."

Carleigh Boyd, 2020

"My favorite thing about this class was definitely all of the group work. Whether it was writing on the notepads, or doing a skit, it was always so much fun. I had so many laughs coming up with different creative ideas."

Gabby Harper, 2021

"Thank you Clark for making this class feel not like a class but like a family, thank you for welcoming me into your class, thank you for helping me with my college essays, thank you for helping me not be lost anymore and find out what I wanted to do with my life, thank you for all the knowledge that you’ve taught me over the past two years, and thank you for being amazing."

Adrian Dykes, 2020

"It has brought out sides of me that I didn't know existed ... parts that I would never even imagine possible."

Trisha Marie Paasa, 2019

“I can honestly say joining BPA was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

Nick Harper, 2018

"Financial Services has not only built up my knowledge of business, finance, current events, and entrepreneurship, but it has created relationships that I will cherish forever. Financial Services is, and will forever be, a second family to me."

Ryan Cartwright, 2017

“Becoming a member of Financial Services benefitted me the most because it expanded my viewpoint, improved my communication skills, and taught me real life skills.”

Matt Fejer, 2016
“I can honestly say I have no clue where I would be without Financial Services. I could never have imagined all of the opportunities I’ve gained when I signed up for the program two years ago.”
 Matt Paluga, 2015
“Making the choice to enroll in Financial Services my sophomore year was the best choice I have ever made and has helped to sculpt an amazing future for me ...”
 Alexandra Roelofs, 2014
“The past two years have been an amazing time in Financial Services. It was a class I will never forget and I am so thankful to have been a part of it.”
 Deonte Barnett, 2013

Parent Information

This page is designed specifically for parents of current and prospective Financial Services students. We've included an overview of the program, answers to a number of frequently asked questions, and some ideas for parents who want to get more involved in the program themselves.


Financial Services is a college-prep program for juniors and seniors who are interested in pursuing college majors and future careers in business. This two-year (four-credit) elective is offered to highly-qualified students who are looking for an exciting and challenging way to explore the world of business and finance. The program is designed to work with most schedules and looks attractive on any college application. Financial Services is offered exclusively at Northwest High School by Butler Tech.

Students in this program explore a broad range of business topics, including:

  • Micro-Economics
  • Macro-Economics
  • International Business
  • Banking & Finance
  • Business Law
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Personal Finance
  • Budgeting, Saving, and Investing
  • Credit and Spending
  • Real Estate and Insurance
  • Business Finance and Management
  • Business Technology
  • Career Exploration & College Planning
  • Job Shadowing

Financial Services offers a truly unique atmosphere. Students learn interesting material in a fast-paced, interactive environment. Teamwork, effective communication techniques, and time management skills are learned through extensive involvement in classroom projects and activities. Students gain valuable leadership skills and have the opportunity to compete at regional, state and national levels as members of Business Professionals of America. And most importantly, Financial Services prepares students for a successful transition to many exciting college majors and careers.


In addition to having a challenging curriculum, Financial Services is also a College Tech Prep course with college articulation agreements through Ohio College Tech Prep. This means that students have the opportunity to earn college credit and/or place out of introductory business classes at several area colleges. Up to 12 college credits through College Credit Plus are also available. 

Financial Services prepares students for a successful transition to many exciting college majors and careers: 

Possible College Majors

  • Finance
  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • International Business
  • Real Estate
  • Pre-Law
  • Information Technology

Possible Careers

  • Stock Broker
  • Investment Banker
  • Accountant
  • Lawyer
  • Economist
  • Consultant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Insurance Agent
  • Money Manager
  • Realtor
  • EntrepreneurGraduation

Interested in ways to get more involved in the Financial Services program? Here are some ideas...


BPA can always use help on our fundraising activities ... with planning, coordinating, and selling. We hold Carnation Sales for Sweetest Day and Valentine's Day, conduct a Car Wash in the spring/summer, and sell products outside of the school (cheesecakes, cookie dough, buddy cards, and beef jerky) each quarter. All of these fundraising activities help to fund everything that our BPA chapter does during the school year.


Special Events

We have a number of activities throughout the year which involve parents. There is a Year-End Cookout for students and parents (including incoming students for the next school year). There are also a couple of Awards Ceremonies toward the end of the year. Please come out and discover what we're all about first hand!Year End Cookout


Community Service Projects

BPA tries to give back to the community in a variety of ways. Financial Services students teach financial literacy at Weigel Elementary as part of the StEP Program with UC. BPA has teamed up with Kaboom! to build playgrounds for the local community. Our students also worked with Student Senate to build Victory Pathway at Northwest HS - approximately 80 BPA students came out to plant trees, move mulch, spread topsoil, and lay gravel. In addition, BPA raises money for Special Olympics each year. We are currently planning new projects for the future. Ideas? Email Mr. Clark!



We can always use the help of parents as chaperones on field trips! We visit college campuses, tour the Federal Reserve and local banks, attend competitions and workshops, and travel to other special activities throughout the year.

Football Game: FS vs. SM!

Advisory Committee

We also have an advisory committee for the program that consists of parents, current students, program graduates, community business leaders, college representatives, guidance counselors, and school administrators. The committee provides guidance for all we do in Financial Services.

Building Foundations!

Please email Mr. Clark at the address below with YOUR questions about Financial Services (FS for short). Here are some questions that others have been asking...

Question: When do the classes meet? How many credits are the classes worth?

Answer: Juniors will meet during bells 1-2, all year long. Seniors will meet during bells 5-6, all year long. The two-year program is worth a total of 4 high school credits. You will also earn college credits from Cincinnati State.

Question: Is Financial Services an honors class? 

Financial Services is an honors class. Students signing up for the FS would need to complete additional assignments - both inside and outside of class - in order to receive the honors weighting for Financial Services. And if students take advantage of the college credits through CCP, the program is AP weighted.

Question: This class is "college prep". What does that mean? How will this class help my daughter get ready for college?

Answer: The FS curriculum is closely aligned with the core business classes offered in most college business programs. Our textbooks are college-level books, the curriculum challenges students to think critically, and the emphasis on teamwork prepares students for the demands of college projects. We have articulation agreements with many area colleges, which allow students to earn college credit and/or place out of introductory college business classes. Up to 12 college credits through College Credit Plus are also available.

Question: What is BPA? What are competitions?

Answer: Business Professionals of America (BPA for short) is a national student organization for business students (and is the largest student organization at our school). BPA provides business students with opportunities for leadership, community service, and team building. For competitions, students select two business events of interest (pretty much anything you can imagine that relates to business) and they compete with students in the region, state, and across the nation. Please see the "BPA" page of this website or for more details!

Question: Financial Services is a "Butler Tech" class. What does this mean?

Answer: Many of the electives offered in the district are provided by Butler Tech now. Butler Tech has been able to update all of the technology, equipment and supplies in these courses and reduce the class fees. This means a higher quality educational experience for students at a much lower cost. The Butler Tech courses show up on report cards and transcripts just like any other Northwest class.

Question: Can you sign up for just one year of Financial Services?

Answer: Generally speaking, you cannot sign up for just one year. This is designed to be a two-year program. If you sign up for FS, you commit to both years. I would encourage your son/daughter to speak with current students about this - I think that you will find that most students are glad that the program is so comprehensive. However, if there is space available in the senior class we will consider adding exceptional students for their senior year only. 

Question: What are the requirements to apply for Financial Services?

Answer: Admission into the Financial Services program is extremely competitive. The average student accepted into FS has an unweighted GPA of 3.5, excellent attendance, is in multiple honors class, and has a class rank in the top 25% of their grade. Speak with Mr. Clark for further information about the application process.

Question: If I sign up for Financial Services, can I also take Financial Foundations?

Answer: Absolutely! We have many students who do this. This "intro" class is meant to be a broad introduction to business and finance. It works especially well freshman or sophomore year before you take Financial Services ... but you can take this class junior or senior year as well (and many students do!).

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