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Fundamentals of Financial Services & Corporate Finance
"Financial Services Seniors" consists of two courses: Fundamentals of Financial Services and Corporate Finance. Throughout the second year of the program, FSS students focus on all aspects of personal finance and business finance ... and prepare for a successful transition to college and beyond.

Financial Services Seniors





At the beginning of class, there will be a “Question of the Day” on the screen (also available right here on the class website). You should do your best to write a complete response (25 word minimum) to the question and EMAIL it to me. If you aren’t sure about what to write, please ask! No credit will be given for late QODs, unless you were absent that day. My email address is


Monday 11/9: Give as many examples of CONSUMER LOANS as you can think of. Which ones are secured? Unsecured?

Tuesday 11/10: Today you’ll have a chance to either (1) check out another competition or (2) work on college stuff. What’s your game plan for today?

Wednesday 11/11: What exactly is “real estate”? What is included when you buy it? How do most people afford it?

Thursday 11/12: If you get into trouble overspending on credit, what are some of your options for getting UNSTUCK ?

Friday 11/13: What is the purpose of BANKRUPTCY? Explain the difference between Chapter 7, 13, and 11 bankruptcy.

WEEK 12 & 13

Monday 11/16: What is IDENTITY THEFT? Explain how it happens and why it’s such a big problem today.

Tuesday 11/17: Why is it important to review your credit report at least once a year? How would you go about doing this?

Wednesday 11/18: How do you feel about the test today?

Thursday 11/19: What is the difference between SAVING and INVESTING? Why do people save? Why do people invest?

Friday 11/20: Why is it important to consider INFLATION when planning your saving and investing goals?

Monday 11/23: Why are RISK, RETURN, and LIQUIDITY important to investors? How are these concepts related to each other? [click HERE for me talking through the QOD and today's work]

Tuesday 11/24: What is STOCK? What is a STOCK MARKET? What is a STOCK INDEX? [click HERE for me talking through the QOD and today's work] 


Monday 11/30: Give some examples of LOW-RISK saving & investing options. Why is it important to always have some safe, liquid investments? Check your email for the link to the Zoom call today!

Tuesday 12/1: 

Wednesday 12/2: 

Thursday 12/3: 

Friday 12/4: 




Every week, you will be responsible for finding a recent news article which relates to a relevant business, finance, or entrepreneurship topic. The criteria include:

  • A 250-word paragraph that (1) summarizes your article, (2) explains how it relates to class, and (3) provides your own personal reflections on the topic.
  • Typed in MS Word or Google Docs and attached to an email.
  • Use MLA format for the paper and cite your source.
  • No credit will be given if your current event does not meet all of these criteria.

Sample of Current Event in MLA Format

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FS Seniors Syllabus 2020-21

FS Seniors Course Guide 2020-21

FSS Week 1 (and 2)

FSS Week 3

FSS Week 4

FSS Week 5

FSS Week 6

FSS Week 7

FSS Week 8

FSS Week 9

FSS Week 10

FSS Week 11

FSS Week 12 13

FSS Week 14





Monday 11/9: PFIN 8-2 and Loan Amortization Table and Reviewing a Credit Report

Tuesday 11/10: BPA Competition Exploration / College Apps

Wednesday 11/11: PFIN 8-3 and PFIN 8 Review and CubiclEstate

Thursday 11/12: PFIN 9-1 and Cases: Handling Credit Problems

Friday 11/13: PFIN 9-2

WEEK 12 & 13

Monday 11/16: PFIN 9-3 and Scams & Schemes and SmartArt: Credit Laws

Tuesday 11/17: PFIN 789 Test Review - 12 in 20 and PFIN 789 Test Review - Credit Cases

Wednesday 11/18: PFIN 789 Test

Thursday 11/19: PFIN 10-1 and Saving, Investing and the Invisible Hand

Friday 11/20: PFIN 10-2 and SmartArt: The Cost of Waiting

Monday 11/23: PFIN 10-3 and Slides: Stock Strategies

Tuesday 11/24: PFIN 10 Review and Getting to Know the Stock Markets


Monday 11/30: PFIN 11-1 and What is a Bond?

Tuesday 12/1: 

Wednesday 12/2: 

Thursday 12/3: 

Friday 12/4: 




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