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Fundamentals of Financial Services & Corporate Finance
"Financial Services Seniors" consists of two courses: Fundamentals of Financial Services and Corporate Finance. Throughout the second year of the program, FSS students focus on all aspects of personal finance and business finance ... and prepare for a successful transition to college and beyond.

Financial Services Seniors





At the beginning of class, there will be a “Question of the Day” on the screen (also available right here on the class website). You should do your best to write a complete response (25 word minimum) to the question and EMAIL it to me. If you aren’t sure about what to write, please ask! No credit will be given for late QODs, unless you were absent that day. My email address is


Monday, October 5: Where does all your money go? What FIVE categories do you spend most of it on?

Tuesday, October 6: What’s the difference between personal goals and financial goals? How are they related? Give an example of each in your life.

Wednesday, October 7: Explain the difference between: Personal Financial Statements, Personal Budgets, and Personal Financial Plans.

Thursday, October 8: Explain the purpose and use of a checking account. What TYPES of checking accounts are there?

Friday, October 9: What is the purpose of SAVINGS? What are some of the TYPES of savings accounts? Why do some pay more interest than others?


Monday, October 12: As part of monetary policy, the Fed primarily influences three interest rates: the Discount Rate, Federal Funds Rate, and Prime Rate. What’s the difference?

Tuesday, October 13: No QOD - BPA 2Tuesday!!!

Wednesday, October 14: Why is it that personal finance topics (like budgeting or saving) seem so easy to understand but are often so difficult to actually do?  (in other words, why don’t people do what they know they should do?)

Thursday, October 15: In your own words… what is INSURANCE?


Monday, October 19: Compare and contrast Health Insurance, Disability Insurance, and Life Insurance. How does each type of insurance protect income?

Tuesday, October 20: When you have “Full Coverage” on your car, what types of coverage do you have?  When are you actually required to get full coverage? What does the law require?

Wednesday, October 21: 

Thursday, October 22: 

Friday, October 23: 




Every week, you will be responsible for finding a recent news article which relates to a relevant business, finance, or entrepreneurship topic. The criteria include:

  • A 250-word paragraph that (1) summarizes your article, (2) explains how it relates to class, and (3) provides your own personal reflections on the topic.
  • Typed in MS Word or Google Docs and attached to an email.
  • Use MLA format for the paper and cite your source.
  • No credit will be given if your current event does not meet all of these criteria.

Sample of Current Event in MLA Format

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FS Seniors Syllabus 2020-21

FS Seniors Course Guide 2020-21

FSS Week 1 (and 2)

FSS Week 3

FSS Week 4

FSS Week 5

FSS Week 6

FSS Week 7

FSS Week 8




PFIN 1-1

PFIN 1-2

College Bound Calendar & Paragraph

PFIN 1 Review

Learn More, Earn More

What Would You Say/Never Say?

PFIN 2-1

PFIN 2-2

Computing Gross/Net Pay

PFIN 2-3


PFIN 2 Review

PFIN 3-1

PFIN 3-2

PFIN 3-3

PFIN 3 Review

BPA PROJECT: Choose a Team Event (SBM, FAT, PMT, GMT)

PFIN 4-1

Disco Dave's Financial Statements

PFIN 4-2

PFIN 4-3

Good Will Hunting

PFIN 4 Review (not assigned)

PFIN 5-1 / Checkbook

What's the Balance?

PFIN 5-1

Simple/Compound Interest, Ryule of 72

PFIN 5-3

Fed Video Handout "In Plain English"

Article: 0% Unemployment (extra credit)

PFIN 5 Review

More Practice with Checkbook Registers

PFIN 6-1 and Risk Assessment

Insurance Smart Art

PFIN 6-2

Puzzle of L&H Insurance

PFIN 6-3

Research Financial Responsibility Laws




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PFIN 2 Text

PFIN 3 Text

PFIN 4 Text

PFIN 5 Text

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