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"Mr. Clark cares for his students, and I mean really cares. He feeds us, inspires us, and pushes us to become greater people."

Trey Williams, 2019

“Mr. Clark was the best teacher I have ever had. Not only did he teach me about business, but he also was a mentor and a major influence in turning me into the man I am today.”

Malcolm McEwen, 2018

“My junior year in Financial Services has brought about countless memories, ranging from small comments made in class all the way up to a week-long trip to Boston for National Competitions. Along the way, I grew passionate about BPA and FS and want to continue getting more involved."

Jason Hentz, 2017
“All of the trips that we took in this class were so much fun … I have learned so much about myself going through these events."
Ceairrah Duffy, 2016
"Financial Services has been one of the best experiences of my high school career. Everything I learned in this class will stay with me for the rest of my life.”
Lilly Dominguez, 2015
"My journey in Financial Services has been one of the greatest things I have ever been through and I’m very grateful that I had the chance to experience this.”
DaQuan Fletcher, 2014
“Being a part of Financial Services has been one of the best opportunities of my high school career. I am so thankful I was able to come into the program!”
Jessica Fiorini, 2013
“I looked forward to this class every day because of the atmosphere and the amazing times we all had together. Financial Services made everyone in this class feel like a family and made me feel like I was part of an amazing group.”
Josh Eberhard, 2014
"I'm so glad I got to experience becoming an executive officer, going to state competitions, attending fall leadership conference, visiting The Ohio State University, touring the University of Cincinnati, and being part of all the gatherings we had throughout the year."
Emani Thompson, 2015
“Financial Services has opened my eyes to the real world. I have learned how to file taxes, what to look for in contracts, the different types of insurance you need, how supply and demand works, and many other things that you wouldn’t learn in other classes."

Taylor Cole, 2016

“One of the things I enjoyed most about Financial Services was that we got to play around and make jokes. Most teachers don’t get to know their kids and have fun with them, but with Mr. Clark it’s a whole different story. He loves his job and always makes learning fun."

Brandon Mueller, 2017

“This class has pushed and challenged me in ways I never expected. This class made me get out of my shell and I will forever be grateful for that. Plus, I have accomplished things that I didn’t think I would accomplish until I was in my twenties. I had an absolute blast.”

Abby Cira, 2018

"When I got the letter that I was accepted into Financial Services, I never thought I would learn so many things that soon would leave a big impact on me and help open so many different opportunities."

Lacey Jones, 2019

“This class has made me feel very prepared for the future and I can’t wait to use what I’ve learned.”

Hannah Osae, 2018

“The most meaningful thing to me about Financial Services was learning different things everyday … things that I will actually use outside of school, things that will help me with my future. Everything that we learned will help me later in life.”

Leigha Smith, 2017

“Mr. Clark not only cares about his students, but he considers us family. And although he has new students every year, it seems that he remembers everybody and anybody. He makes every interaction with every one of his students personal. I am beyond thankful ..."

Trevor Barton, 2016
“I love the experience in Financial Services because you learn multiple things that you will actually use in life.”

Connor VanSteelandt, 2015
“Financial Services is the type of class where you get exactly what you put into it, and that’s why it has been the most rewarding class I could have ever taken in my four years at Northwest.”
Alexandra Roelofs, 2014
“I will aways remember this class because of how fun it was and how helpful of a teacher Mr. Clark was.”

Cameron Horne, 2013
“I like how I am able to take what I learn in Financial Services and spread it throughout my entire life. When I’m out with friends or even in another class, I’ll relate things we talk about with things I learn in FS.”
Shannon Linz, 2014
"I enjoyed this class more than any other because the lessons that were taught didn't just apply to the class, but to my life and my future. I have learned how to interview, how to budget, what insurance to buy, how to apply to for a job, and how to help others do the same."
Stephanie Russell, 2015
“Junior year in Financial Services was great, fun, and it helped me to grow. I am really looking forward to Senior Financial Services next year!”
Kobe Brown, 2016
“This year has been very fun and unforgettable. I couldn’t imagine what my year would have been like if I didn’t take this class.”

Mikayla Nutting, 2017

“Some of my favorite memories from FS include competing at State, going on field trips, going outside and taking class pictures, coming in for prep on the weekends, and last but not least, just having fun and interesting talks in class.”

Brandon Bennett, 2018

"This class has taught me a lot about myself and what I want my future to be like. This class was definitely one of the best choices I have made for my future."

Samantha Cain, 2019

“This has been a very fun and exciting experience to be part of FS for the past two years. I absolutely love the environment when I walk into this class … it’s like being at home with my family.”

Tyler Scott, 2018

"No matter what you do in life, you need to know everything about personal finance. You need to know about the job market. You need to know about incomes. You need to know about benefits. No matter who you are and what your job is, you need to know this information. And luckily, I already know it all before graduating high school."

Kaitlyn Hayes, 2017

“Financial Services was my favorite class, not only because of the class but also because of the people in it and the teacher teaching it. Going in, I heard a lot of good things about the class and these two years showed me why everyone wanted to get into FS.”

Ayman El Qasem, 2016
"I still can't wrap my head around the fact that I won't be sitting in this same seat next year, but I know I'll be doing just fine because FS helped me figure out what I want to do in life."
Alyssa Mueller, 2015
“When I saw Financial Services as a career program option, I knew I had to take the opportunity to try it out. I know a lot of Colerain students would probably be freaked out by the thought of coming to a new school every day, but I would encourage them to do it. You make new friends, learn about the world of business, and figure out what you want to study in college.”
Tanner Biehl, 2014
“My experience in Financial Services has been one for the books. Ever since my first visit to room 317 my sophomore year, I couldn’t imagine my high school career without this class.”
Dillon Salter, 2013

“When I reflect back on Financial Services, I think of the amazing people I met, the interesting class work and projects we did, the useful business skills that I learned, and all the trips and activities we did as a class.”

Josh Eberhard, 2014

“When I stepped into Financial Services, I never thought it would affect me as much as it did. I learned things that I will use my whole life … and I loved all the field trips we went on because they were learning experiences and they were also a ton of fun.”

Brandon Schon, 2015

“There have been so many moments in Financial Services, but my most memorable was participating in the BPA competitions with my friends. I really enjoyed doing the competitions and can’t wait until next year."

Maya Gulliford, 2016

“One of the best decisions that I have made was taking this class. I can truly say that the Financial Services junior class is crazy, but I have definitely enjoyed this unique experience.”

Fatimah Shabazz, 2017

“Financial Services is one of the most memorable classes that I have ever taken. I honestly do not know how my life would have been if I did not take this class.”

Anita Oranusi, 2018

"Financial Services was a big part of my high school career ... I will remember this class for all that it taught me about finance and all the fun experiences we had."

Thomas Klein, 2019

“Before I was in BPA, I was lost on what I should go for in college and beyond. Through BPA, I have found an interest in business and discovered the inner leader that was hidden inside me.”

Safa Azad, 2018

"I will always remember this class for all the laughs we shared, all the big accounting packets, going to the tables, competing, forming a bond and becoming a family, and just learning many new things day in and day out."

Greg Jackson, 2017

“Financial Services has prepared me for future success by improving my communication skills, sharpening my leadership abilities, and helping me to develop strategies for working in teams.”

Philip Son, 2016

"This program was exactly what I needed ... it prepared me for the real world ahead!"

Zach Garrison, 2015

“Not only did I learn many things in FS that will help me down the road in life, I became a better person and was open to trying new things and meeting new people. I will always remember this class ...”

Steven Farrell, 2014

“I loved every minute of Financial Services … from all the goofy parties we had in class, the monthly meetings, the yearly OSU trip, state competitions and the countless hours of competition prep … all of it was worth it and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.”

Nolan Miller, 2013


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