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Strategic Entrepreneurship & Financial Accounting

  "Financial Services Juniors" consists of two courses: Strategic Entrepreneurship and Financial Accounting. Throughout the first year of the program, FSJ students discover what makes a company successful ... and learn how to start, manage, and grow their own successful businesses.


Financial Services Juniors





At the beginning of class, there will be a “Question of the Day” on the screen (also available right here on the class website). You should do your best to write a complete response (25 word minimum) to the question and EMAIL it to me. If you aren’t sure about what to write, please ask! No credit will be given for late QODs, unless you were absent that day. My email address is


Monday 2/1 (remote): Explain YOUR thinking process for figuring out where to write numbers in t-accounts…

Tuesday 2/2: Today is our last day practicing T Accounts before moving on to something new! What do you still struggle with?

Wednesday 2/3 (zoom): It's Zoom Wednesday! What's on you rmind today?

Thursday 2/4: Have you ever kept a diary or journal (or known someone who has)? How do people usually organize the entries in their journals? Why?

Friday 2/5: What is the purpose of the JOURNAL?


Monday 2/8: Most businesses allow customers to buy on account (credit cards) these days. What are the challenges of doing this?

Tuesday 2/9 (snow) and Wednesday 2/10 (zoom): Today and tomorrow, we're going to review the process when you tackle an accounting problem. How would you describe your comfort level in accounting right now? What do we need to review?

Thursday 2/11: There's "snow" QOD today!


Tuesday 2/16: Snow Day

Wednesday 2/17 (zoom): It's Zoom Wednesday! (no QOD)

Thursday 2/18: Snow Day

Friday 2/19: Last time, we talked about the challenges of credit. What about cash? What are the problems a business may face with cash?


Monday 2/22: What should you do if you make a mistake while writing a check?

Tuesday 2/23: We’re going to learn a different way of keeping track of accounts today (instead of T-Accounts). What are some of the problems with using T-Accounts?

Wednesday 2/24 (zoom): Why do you think that business transactions are initially recorded in a journal? Why are transactions posted from the journal to a ledger?

Thursday 2/25: After journalizing and posting to the ledger, why is it still necessary to prepare a trial balance?

Friday 2/26: Our first (take home) accounting test is due Monday. What do we absolutely, positively need to review today?


Monday 3/1: What’s the difference between a Deferral and an Accrual in your own words? (if you’re not sure … we’ll discuss)

Tuesday 3/2: What are the four types of adjusting entries? Hint: DE / DR / AE / AR

Wednesday 3/3 (zoom): What is the purpose of adjusting entries in accounting?

Thursday 3/4: Explain in your own words how the WORKSHEET works!

Friday 3/5: When totaling up a worksheet, the columns for Income Statement and Balance Sheet don’t match. Why? What does the difference represent? (we'll talk about this in class!)


Monday 3/8: 




Every week, you will be responsible for finding a recent news article which relates to a relevant business, finance, or entrepreneurship topic. The criteria include:

  • A 250-word paragraph that (1) summarizes your article, (2) explains how it relates to class, and (3) provides your own personal reflections on the topic.
  • Typed in MS Word or Google Docs and attached to an email.
  • Use MLA format for the paper and cite your source.
  • No credit will be given if your current event does not meet all of these criteria.

Sample of Current Event in MLA Format

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FS Juniors Syllabus 2020-21 Q3

FS Juniors Course Guide 2020-21

FSJ Week 19

FSJ Week 20

FSJ Week 21

FSJ Week 22

FSJ Week 23

FSJ Week 24

FSJ Week 25

FSJ Week 26





Wednesday 1/20 (zoom): BPA Prep Day

Thursday 1/21: Accounting Equation and Business Transctions and I Drew It Myself

Friday 1/22: Jim's Lawn Care and Mindy the Matchmaker


Monday 1/25: Practice Chart of Accounts

Tuesday 1/26: Jim's Lawn Care Again and John Q Public

Wednesday 1/27 (zoom): finish up John Q Public!

Thursday 1/28: Brief Review of Debits and Credits ... Watch the VIDEO

Friday 1/29: Feeling AT Home


Monday 2/1 (remote): Practice Debits and Credits

Tuesday 2/2: Mr. T Accounts and T Accounts R Us (moved from Monday)

Wednesday 2/3 (zoom): finish up T Accounts R Us

Thursday 2/4: Jim's LC Again - Journals 

Friday 2/5: Fire! Movie Theater  


Monday 2/8: I Spy Private Eye - AR AP

Tuesday 2/9 and Wednesday 2/10: YOUR ACCOUNTING PROCESS

Thursday 2/11: Snow Day


Tuesday 2/16: Snow Day

Wednesday 2/17 (zoom): Make-Up Work Day!

Thursday 2/18: Snow Day

Friday 2/19: Writing Checks and Journalizing Cash and Hair Um Salon (finish for homework)


Monday 2/22: Clean 2U - Cash Transactions

Tuesday 2/23: Nikki Tikki Taxes

Wednesday 2/24 (zoom): Jim's Back - Ledger (homework)

Thursday 2/25: Disco Dave - Ledger

Friday 2/26: Spooky Hollow Movie Theater and ACCT TAKE HOME TEST


Monday 3/1: Deferrals & Accruals and Drain Surgeons

Tuesday 3/2: House O Painting

Wednesday 3/3 (zoom): ABC Review Packet (XC homework)

Thursday 3/4: Disco Dave - Adjusting Entries

Friday 3/5: Sole Man and Kung Fu and Kung Fu Excel


Monday 3/8: