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Financial Foundations


"Financial Foundations"
allows students to explore the exciting world of finance in a fast-paced, interactive environment. FiFo students learn about the business environment, our economy, money management, and business law.

Financial Foundations 1


10pts daily, due by the end of class.

Every day, class will start with a "Question of the Day". You should do your best to write a complete response (25 word minimum) to the question and EMAIL it to me. If you aren't sure about what to write, please ask! No credit will be given for late QODs, unless you were absent that day.



Monday, October 28: Why do you think the government should maintain competition in our economy? Are there any industries where it just makes sense to have monopolies?

Tuesday, October 29: Why does the government need to “redistribute income”? How does it do this? (give some examples)

Wednesday, October 30: What is Macro-Economics? What does it tell us? Why do we care?

Thursday, October 31: Why is STABILITY important in our economy? What can the government do to help? Give examples.

Friday, November 1: To see how you’re doing, a doctor might check your temperature, pulse, and blood pressure. How can economists tell how well our ECONOMY is doing? (give me a few ideas)



Wednesday, November 6: What is meant by UNEMPLOYMENT? How is the unemployment rate calculated?

Thursday, November 7: What is the formula for GDP and what does it mean in words?

Friday, November 8: What is the Federal Reserve? What purposes do you think it serves?



Monday, November 11: We have talked about the Federal Reserve's role in stabilizing the economy. What else can the government do to help the economy?

Tuesday, November 12: No QOD - Feast!

Wednesday, November 13: No QOD - Tours!

Thursday, November 14: Consumers in the U.S. love to spend money. How does this help to explain why the U.S. has an imbalance of trade? How does a recession actually help?

Friday, November 15: What do you think makes some nations wealthy and other ones poor?


WEEK 15 & 16

Monday, November 18: Why do you think there is almost always SOME inflation and SOME unemployment, no matter what?

Tuesday, November 19: What are Aggregate Supply and Aggregate Demand? How are they DIFFERENT from the Supply and Demand we discussed first quarter?

Wednesday, November 20

Thursday, November 21

Friday, November 22

Monday, November 25



The website links below are useful resources for any and all finance topics.

Yahoo Finance: //

Google Finance: //

Market Watch:

Investopedia (Info):

Finance Freak (Info):

Teen Analyst (Info):

Choose to Save (Resource): (Resource): (Resource):

Treasury Direct (Resource):

Tax Information for Students (Resource): //

Ohio Society of CPAs:

American Institute of CPAs:

Start Here, Go Places:

Feed the Pig:

360 Degrees of Financial Literacy:


Fast Company:


Inc. Magazine:

Young Entrepreneur:



Copies of the syllabus, weekly sheets, worksheets, and handouts can be downloaded in PDF format below.


FiFo1 Syllabus 2019-20

FiFo1 Guide and Forms

FiFo1 Week 1 & 2

FiFo1 Week 3

FiFo1 Week 4

FiFo1 Week 5

FiFo1 Week 6

FiFo 1 Week 7

FiFo1 Week 8

FiFo1 Week 9

FiFo1 Week 10

FiFo1 Week 11

FiFo1 Week 12

FiFo1 Week 13

FiFo1 Week 14

FiFo1 Week 15 & 16



Guide to Economic Reasoning

Why Didn't Chris Rock Go To College

Opportunity Cost Mysteries

Making Decisions

Rules & Incentives Matter

Maximizing Utility

An Interview with Mr. Market

Broad Social Goals

Gain From Trade

Test 1 Review Sheet

Test 1 Review Activity

Competitive Markets in Your Life

Why Demand Changes

Latte Letdown

Why Supply Changes

Amazing Farmer Jones

PowerPoint: Supply & Demand

S&D Concept Review

Donut Shop

Tales of Four Markets

Why So Much?

Price Ceings and Floors

Paying Attention to Prices

Price and Scarcity

Price Changes Matter

Test 2 Review Sheet

The Circular Flow

What Is A Market?


When There Isn't Competition

Entrepreneur in You?

Fickle Financial Services

Do You Want the 1st or 43rd Pick?

Competition Zoom Zoom

Test 3 Review Sheet

Roles of Government

The Preamble

Public Goods


How Competitive?

Fair Tax?

Macro Test 1 Review

Say What / Have You Seen The News

Business Cycle

Fiscal Policy

Measuring Trade

Wealth of Nations

Economic Ups and Downs

AS & AD Packet





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